Tree Trimming Services in St. Peters, MO

From Faith Tree Service

Faith Tree Service is the way to go when you need your trees trimmed by a trained tree care professional. If you need tree trimming around power lines, Faith Tree Service can do the job. Our owner gained experience trimming around power lines by working for Nelson Utility Co.

Are you curious about the benefits of tree trimming? Faith Tree Service can help you decide if your trees need to be trimmed. Here are three good reasons to have your trees trimmed:

  1. You'll keep your trees healthy by removing dead or dying branches
  2. The appearance and structure of your trees will be improved
  3. Tree trimming can increase the size and quantity of the crop produced by fruit trees

If these benefits sound good to you, call Faith Tree Service today to schedule tree trimming in St. Peters, Missouri.

When should I get my trees trimmed?

It makes a difference whether you get your trees trimmed in the winter or summer. Which season you choose to trim your tree depends on the results you desire.

If you trim your trees in winter, they will be fuller and more mature in the months to come. If you trim your trees in summer, branch growth will be slowed and the trees will remain the same size.

Have Faith Tree Service helps you decide when it's best to trim your trees. Call us today for tree trimming services in St. Peters, MO.